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Being the top video agency in India, we offer short video production services and long format videos for marketing and branding. For world class videos, hire the best video company today! Here are the example of brand videos that we can make for you:- See More

Video Production Services in India

Being the top video production agency in India for long/short format videos, brand videos & content creator produced videos; our core competencies are social commerce videos, video commerce videos, video ads and ecommerce/product explainer videos that comprises relevant niche-based social media influencers (content creators) to build trust and credibility among the viewers.
We offer top-notch video production services in India, our content creators have 1000+ video production studios for all levels and sizes of videos – they are equipped with professional cameras, lighting, advance green rooms, mics and more.
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Our professional video production services include :-

Social media videos

We strategize and deliver long videos as well as short videos for social media that comprise niche-based social media influencers which our customers can utilize as organic videos on their social media platforms to aware, educate, engage & retain users. We create informed and effective videos for your YouTube shorts, Insta reels and other social media channels that are creative and targeted. So, multiply your revenue and sales through your social media presence with engaging creator-based videos.
We provide personalized and customized short video making include:-
1. Short videos for reels
2. Short videos for YouTube shorts
3. Short videos for Instagram
We also offer long videos for YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more!
Schedule a call with our video experts and hire our creative video agency for best long/short video production services to boost your profits today!
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Video ads

We strategize and deliver personalized and customized video Ads comprising of niche-based influencers which brands can utilize as video commerce i.e. Instagram Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, Linkedin Ads, TikTok Ads, Snapchat Ads etc. Our video production agency create affordable video Ads that are tailored according to customer’s behaviours and consciousness. Increase your click through rates, decrease cost per acquisition costs through effective video Ads that have content creators whom people trust and be a data driven marketer. This impactful advertising content that touches people will definitely boost your sales. Hire the best video production agency today! See More

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Product videos/reviews

We strategize and deliver product videos for ecommerce platforms (Amazon, Flipkart, Tata Cliq, Snapdeal, Ebay, Ajio, Best Buy, Meesho etc.) and explainer videos for website/portfolios. All videos have relevant social media influencers/content creators whom people follow and believe as they are trustful & experienced subject matter experts . Create effective product videos for helping your consumers know details of it’s features and benefits. Hire the best video production company in India today!
Creative and genuine product reviews help in achieving trust for your brand amongst your prospects, hence build a reliable and credible brand with top notch value-added product short video portfolios that are explained by skilled content creators and skyrocket your profits. Hire our video content agency to deliver powerful product reviews that give your product wings!
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Corporate Videos

When it comes to professionalism, look no further! We, a leading video production agency, specialize in the creation of corporate videos that resonate with your brand's vision and message. Working with seasoned social media influencers, we provide well-crafted short videos and full-length presentations that are tailor-made for the business environment. Whether it's an internal training video or a corporate introduction for your LinkedIn audience, our video production house delivers excellence. Boost your company's image with our high-quality video production services, and create a lasting impact on your clients and stakeholders. See More

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2D & 3D Motion Graphics

Our team provides state-of-the-art 2D & 3D motion graphics, a different ball game altogether. Creating engaging visual content that captures the viewer's attention, we go beyond traditional animation to deliver artistic and technical perfection. These motion graphics are ideal for short commercials, product promotions, and even website intros. Why settle for the ordinary when you can have cutting-edge visuals from a renowned video production agency like ours? Let's take your brand to the next level with our specialized motion graphics services. See More

TV Commercials

Lights, camera, action! From script to screen, our full-service TV commercial production takes care of every detail. Tailoring the content to your brand's budget and vision, we provide commercial production in 4k, 8k, or any level that suits your needs. With an appealing story in any genre, our TV commercials not only look good but connect emotionally with the audience. No matter the product or service, our video production house crafts commercials that get noticed. So why wait? Hire the best in the business, and watch your brand take center stage on the small screen. See More

Short Product Commercials

In this age of social media, short and snappy is the way to go! We specialize in short product commercials designed specifically for platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Unlike traditional TV commercials, these short videos are fast, fun, and focused, getting straight to the point. Leveraging the popularity of social media influencers, we create content that is engaging and relatable. Whether it's a quick unboxing video or a snazzy showcase of product features, our video production services ensure that your product shines. So give your brand the attention it deserves, and boost your social media presence with our short product commercials. See More

We ease the process of making long as well as short videos that are creative, optimized, effective, targeted, personalized and brand specific. So, supercharge your brand with the innovative visual content to boost your brand’s visibility and growth. See More

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How Does Our Video Production Agency Work?

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We as a long /short video production agency, position your brand superior in this competitive world with pocket-friendly and edgy videos. Make your brand stand out in the consumer’s mind with snackable creator generated content as people trust it 10X times more than text! See More

Create highly effective, inspiring, relevant and creative videos in just 3 EASY STEPS :-

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Step 1

Fill our contact us form

Step 2

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Step 3

Finalize Synopsis & Creators

Step 4

Video Review & Approval

Hence, simplify your video production process with the best video content production company and grow your business now!

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Best Short Film Company for Short Film Making

Being the top short video production companies in India that provide world class short movie production services, we also provide top notch short film making services. For professional short video production services, hire the best short video company and short film making production house today! See More

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Testimonial From Our Clients

We've had multiple recurring campaigns with Vidzy, and their smooth execution always shines. Their extensive roster of high-quality creators ensures our message resonates. Here's to continued success with Vidzy!

Arpit Pruthi

Social Media Manager, Noise

I enthusiastically endorse Vidzy for their exceptional work in digital ad asset creation. Their creative prowess, strategic approach, and unwavering professionalism consistently deliver outstanding results. For top-tier digital ad assets, Vidzy is the unequivocal choice.

Smit Dedhia

Growth Marketing Associate, Teji Mandi

Dedicated account managers and great storytelling in the campaigns are a few things that make Vidzy different from others. Definitely our choice for influencer campaigns!

Dhruv Bakshi


Great Experience with Vidzy, they streamlined the whole process.

At Sharechat, we wanted the creators to create the engaging and shareable video content and upload the same on our app consistently. Vidzy is an innovative short video production company that streamlined the whole process perfectly. Thanks

Abhishek Ranjan

Marketing Data Analyst, ShareChat

Working with them was a seamless and stress-free experience.

We needed to promote our skin care products to an audience influenced by Korean culture as we are a Korean brand. We contacted Vidzy for short videos. It understood the requirements well about selecting the creators having audience influenced with Korean culture. Definitely a leading short video production company for great products exposure and sales! Keep it up guys!

Mehvish Khan

Marketing Specialist, KOTRA

Their quick turnaround time and communication made the process a breeze.

Vidzy helped us with regional influencer-based short videos. We were glad with the results we got. Needless to say, that they are the best short film making and production company!

Deepankar Boro

Senior Growth Manager, Khatabook

Vidzy creativity and attention to detail is unmatched!

Vidzy helped the Moj app with video content amplification campaigns. They helped us in virality of new hashtags and trends. Cheers to this top video production company!

Abhishek Ranjan

Marketing Data Analyst , ShareChat

Creative and professional video production company in India ( Why choose Vidzy)

Research/trend-based content strategy

Personal brand manager

Experienced team of creative strategists

Quick Delivery

Affordable Pricing

Powered by India’s top influencer marketing company -

Hire the best video production house in India!

Market buzz of Videos


87% of video marketers get positive return on investment from short videos – Hubspot


By 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from streaming videos and downloads - Cisco


83% of video marketers say video aids them with lead generation – Wyzowl


87% of marketers say video has increased traffic to their website


94% of marketers agree that videos have helped upsurge user understanding of their product /service - Wyzowl


93% of marketers say video has helped them increased brand awareness. - Wyzowl

Frequently asked questions

We offer variety of videos:- long , short , social commerce, video Ads, product videos, educational, promotional, informational, corporate, entertaining, social media Ads, reels, shorts and much more!

The production process is divided into three parts:-

Pre-production – This involves analyses of business goals, conceptualization, ideation, content strategy, creator selection etc.

Production – This involves shoot, perfect positioning of cameras , lighting, green room process, takes and retakes etc.

Post production – This involves editing, graphic designing and final touch with respect to the client.

Subject matter experts and influencers are the key competitive advantages we have over others.

Short videos are generally shorter in length – may be 15 seconds to 60 seconds whereas long videos are longer than 60 seconds . We produce all types of videos. For affordable long and short video product cost and services, hire us today!