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How Our LinkedIn Advertising Agency Works

Step 1

Fill up our form

Fill up your crucial details – brand’s name, phone number, email address, your goals, as well as your website link on the contact form on our website. Our LinkedIn video ads expert will reach out to you within 24 hours. See More

Step 2

Breaking Down Your Brand’s LinkedIn Ads Strategy

As soon as the onboarding process with us has been completed, our LinkedIn video advertising experts connect with you to completely understand your goals and objectives which you want to achieve through LinkedIn video ads strategy. This allows us to choose the right pathway, plan of action and influencer to ensure our videos are customised to your brand. See More

Step 3

Choosing Content Creators for Your LinkedIn Video Ads

Once our experts gauge your underlying brand values and goals, we scour through our 50K+ Linkedin influencer network to feature the right niche content creator to be presented in your ad video in order to target your customers at the right funnel stage. See More

Step 4

Producing Your LinkedIn Video Ads

Our LinkedIn video advertising company produces your video ad backed by a professional team consisting of experienced video directors, innovative script writers, efficient audio & sound technicians, influencer strategists, story tellers, B2B experts etc., as well as using professional equipment including studio, editing software, microphones, cameras, green screens, etc. See More

Step 5

Delivering LinkedIn Video Ad

As soon as the very first draft of your Linked video ad is done from our end, we seek approval and feedback from you to ensure the intent is being met. Few edits (if any) are done as per the agreement, and the video is delivered to you to run as an Ad. Note – in few cases, we can also run the Ads. See More

So, for world class Linkedin advertising solutions, hire our Linkedin ads company today!

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Why Choose Vidzy as Your LinkedIn Advertising Company

B2B Marketing Experts Onboard

With multiple years of experience in targeting decision makers, we understand the best practises of B2B marketing and is well reflected in the video scripts we curate for your LinkedIn video ads.

Dedicated Account Managers

At our LinkedIn ads company, we address our clients with dedicated attention via personal account managers. Our experts ensure brands get videos tailored to their LinkedIn ads strategy.

8+ Years in the Influencer Marketing Industry

Vidzy has almost a decade worth of experience in the influencer marketing industry. This allows us to pick the right niche influencer for your videos and employ best influencer marketing practises to ensure a successful ad campaign.

Professional Video Production

As a leading LinkedIn advertising company, we produce video ads with the help of professionals including directors, videographers, light & audio technicians. This allows us to produce professional, top-grade videos for your LinkedIn video ads strategy.

How Our LinkedIn Video Ads Services Different from others?

Brand Research

As part of brand research, our team thoroughly analyse brands’ target audience, and goals to understand your approach. This allows us to tailor our thought process and key decisions to contribute to your strategy. See More

Competitor Analysis

Our leading LinkedIn ads company lays great emphasis on competitor analysis for brands that avail our LinkedIn video ads. This allows us to understand the where your brand stands in the industry and what can be the best creator, we can feature in your video ads. See More

Innovative Video Scripting

A great video script ensures a successful Linked video advertisement campaign. While curating your video script, we ensure that it fits your sales funnel stage and includes relevant calls to action to provoke your consumers, delivered through top social media influencers featured in it. See More

8 Years+ of Experience in video Ads creation

We are an experienced company with more than 8 years in content creation and execution.

Why you should invest in LinkedIn Video Ads ?

Reach Decision Makers Through LinkedIn Ads

Through LinkedIn Video Ads, you can reach 14.6% of the world’s population over the age of 18. Moreover, through this platform brands can reach key decision makers as 80% of the users ‘drive business decisions’ on LinkedIn. Thus, when targeted through a persuasive copywriting delivered through an influencer, brands are successful in scoring higher conversion rate through our LinkedIn paid ads agency. See More

Top Choice for Brands to Drive High Quality Leads

In order to gain high quality leads, 40% B2B marketers use LinkedIn Ads. Furthermore, 79% content marketers regard that LinkedIn ads produce the best results as compared to other social networks. This is indicative of LinkedIn’s popularity among marketers and as a leading LinkedIn advertising company, we are helping them achieve their business goals in record time. See More

Drive Higher Conversions Through LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn is great to reach potential consumers who are still in the early stages of the sales funnel. Moreover, it is also great to compel audience down the sales funnel. With 58 million companies present on LinkedIn, they witness 33% increase in purchase intent as a result from ad exposure. This leads to 2 times higher conversion rates! See More

Innovative Industry Based Audience Targeting

What sets LinkedIn apart from the rest of the social media platforms is its industry specific variables-based audience targeting on its platform. These variables include:- industry, company name, company size, job title, job function, seniority, degree type, and skills. Carefully combined with the power of influencer marketing, LinkedIn video ads can successfully place your brand in front of B2B consumers and decision makers. See More