Cancellation and Refund Policy – Vidzy

Vidzy Media Private Limited strives to give the best services to its customers at affordable prices and we put in hard efforts that every client is satisfied with our services.

However, in some cases, very rarely, if any customer feels that we are not delivering the services up to the mark, then we are very open organization to cancel your purchase order and give you maximum refund (by cutting a small service fees)

We majorly take 50% advance payment along with the purchase order of our any service (Video production/Editing/Graphic designing/Influencer Marketing etc.)

If any client feels, that he/she is unsatisfied with the services at any moment, he/she can cancel the purchase order and request for the refund (conditions apply – we have not done the project completely OR more than 50% OR as specified in the agreement), secondly, the amount of refund will be communicated and written in contract/agreement prior to the execution of the work.

We reserve the right to retain a specific percentage of your order value during cancellation as compensation for the company workforce and resources invested in your project.

We reserve the right to halt or cancel the completion of your order if we feel your order is unfit as per our real-time terms and conditions.

In such occurrences, our representative will contact you via your registered email ID and phone number. We request your cooperation throughout the transaction.