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How Our YouTube Video Advertising Agency Works?

Step 1

Fill Up Our Form

Fill up the contact form on our website with all the required details including your brand’s name, contact number, email address, and website link. Our YouTube Ad experts will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 2

Understanding Brand’s Goals/Objectives

Once you get on board with us, our YouTube Ads experts and video experts connect with you to understand your target audience, ideal customer profile, brand goals and more for personalized Ads. This allows us to choose the right creators to feature and create videos tailored to your brand value. See More

Step 3

Designing Your YouTube Ad Strategy & Selecting Niche Influencer

Once we understand your underlying brand values and goals, our YouTube ads company selects relevant niche content creator from our 2.5L+ strong network of verified influencers to feature in your video and scripting the same. Our experienced story tellers and strategists create customer centric video Ads for YouTube. See More

Step 4

Producing Your YouTube Ads Video

Our YouTube advertising company produces your video ad with the help of a team of professionals including video directors, script writers, audio & sound technicians, etc., as well as using professional equipment including studio, editing software, microphones, cameras, green screens, etc. See More

Step 5

Delivering Your YouTube Video Ad

Once we are ready with the first draft of your video featuring top content creators, we proceed to hold discussions with you for feedback, ensuring the intent is being satisfied. Once we are ready with the first draft of your video featuring top content creators, we proceed to hold discussions with you for feedback, ensuring the intent is being satisfied. See More

So, for whom you waiting for, hire our YouTube advertising agency today for dominating the YouTube!

How our Top YouTube Ads Company is Different?

Audience Discovery & Research

As part of our elite YouTube video advertising services, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to understanding the core aspects of your key demographic and ideal customer profile. This includes detail analysis of consumer behaviour and data driven decisions on how to best approach them and which creator will be best for your YouTube video ad.

Video Strategy & Scripting

In our YouTube Ads videos for business marketing, we emphasise big on compelling & engaging video scripting. Impactful video strategy paired with right YouTube influencers yields amazing results for brands this story telling! We highlight the solution for your customer’s problems and emphasize on your USPs.

Video Ad Optimization

At our YouTube video ad agency, we strive to deliver video ads of top- notch standards to brands. This includes ensuring video ads that are fully optimised for the YouTube Ads algorithms for maximum reach. Our experts optimise the video script for the target keywords effectively allowing it to pop up for the right searches and clicks!

Why Choose Vidzy as Your YouTube Video Marketing Company?

Professional Video Production

At Vidzy, we produce video ads with the help of a professional team of directors, videographers, light & audio technicians. This allows us to produce top grade videos for your YouTube ads strategy.

Industry Experience & Expertise

Thanks to 5+ years of experience in creating videos for YouTube ads and 8+ years of experience in influencer marketing/content creation, our experts are well versed with best industry practises that result in a fail-safe strategy. See More

Dedicated Account Managers

At our YouTube video advertising agency, we pay dedicated attention to each of our client via personal account managers. This allows us to keep our clients updated at all times and ensure they get exactly what they wanted from our YouTube video ads. See More

Full Funnel YouTube Video Ads

At Vidzy, we create mindful video scripts that ensure the right targeting as per the sales funnel stage of the consumer. This allows brands to make the most out of their YouTube ad campaign.

Why you should run Ads on YouTube

Wide Reach

YouTube offers a wide, pre-curated audience to target on its platform. Its 2 billion monthly active users, it is safe to presume that this platform has a diverse demographic. Thus, with the right targeting, our video ads featuring top creator helps brands to influence decisions of their target audience as 70% people buy a product after seeing it in a YouTube ad. See More

Multiple Ad Formats

YouTube allows for multiple ad formats including in-stream video ads, video discovery ads, bumper ads, masthead ads. Moreover it also allows brands to run non-video ads including overlay ads and sponsored ads. Given that 62% users visit the website, reaching audience in different phases of the sales funnel becomes much more effective through multiple ad formats. See More

Highly Effective

Based on multiple demographic and interest factors, YouTube allows brands to do extensive experimentation on their target audience. A 25% year-on-year growth in ad revenue in 2021 indicating sharp increase in the use and success of video ad targeting on YouTube. As a revolutionary YouTube advertisement agency, we curate customised video ads for brands’ ad strategy to allow them leverage granular targeting. See More

Future of YouTube Advertisements!

Thanks to its cost-effective nature and revolutionary algorithm, YouTube advertisements are becoming the future of winning through influencer powered video ads. Moreover, creating video ads for your strategy with Vidzy allows brands to create high quality video ad content a low cost! See More

So, for whom you are waiting for? Hire our YouTube video Ad company today!