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How our Social Media Production Company Can Help Your Brand

Create a completely new revenue stream

Create a completely new revenue stream through your social media by educating and engaging your potential customers.

Reach a huge audience through curated videos

According to the study conducted by Cisco in 2019, In 2022 82% of the internet traffic globally will be from video streaming and downloads and we are witnessing this in the 2022.
In 2020, on an average, every consumer in USA had about 9.5 video streaming apps (according to data.ai) on their mobile devices and now in 2022 it has increased sharply.
Moreover, social video production has also proven to be more converting than other forms of content as creators are adding another depth to the power of digital media content creation, in fact according to statista.com 63% consumers in India purchase products endorsed by them!
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Videos as part of social media content creation bring more value

Videos help your customers visualize and retain better. Videos allows brands to educate and instruct their customers about new products & services on social media. Moreover, videos have proven to be the most efficient way to share testimonials from happy customers on YouTube. However, when these happy customers are popular content creators, their word gets multiple times more value. Thus, social media content creation videos bring your brand better value when combined with the trust of influencers. See More

A higher return on investment

According to the research done by Wyzowl, 87% of the marketers today say that they are gaining a handsome return on investment on social media content creation cost. Further, Vidzy makes investment in social media management and content creation more favourable for brands as we have the extra edge of the leaders who are authority in their niche. See More

Short Videos on social media is the need of the hour

Where once long videos were preferred among users, today short videos are more watched. YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, Tik Tok, FB short format videos etc. have contributed positively towards this trend. Hence, to attract huge audiences, your brand must focus on short videos. So, for whom you are waiting for? Start educating and engage with your customers through social media organic videos to maximize your market share. Hire us today! See More

How our Social Media Content Creation Agency work ?

( Create video in 4 Simple Steps )

We as a leading social media video company, position your brand superior with organic user generated content videos i.e. video content production for social media platforms. Create engaging videos to increase sales & for better interaction with your existing customers and prospects.

Step 1

Fill the contact us form on our website

You can fill the details such as your Name, Phone number, email address, company name and submit the contact us form on our website. See More

Step 2

Schedule a call with our social media content production expert

By submitting the form, we will schedule a one-to-one call with our content strategist for your personalized videos. Our organic video expert will understand your business needs and will suggest themes (strategies) relevant and best suited for your business (Instagram reels / Facebook short videos / YouTube shorts / TikTok videos / Twitter videos / Linkedin videos / Snapchat videos) See More

Step 3

Choose the social media content creation theme

Shortlist the video themes as suggested by our video expert - that have been segregated by our content research team. Our research team analyse thousands of videos and after getting the insights; suggest you with the best strategy according to your business goals and budget. Also, choose the social media content creation package according to the number of videos per month and place the purchase order. See More

Step 4

Your video will be delivered within 48 hours

When you place the order by choosing the service, video package and theme. We will strategize the content, give you the best social content creators that are relevant for your business. We start deliver your videos within 48 hours. See More

Hence, simplify your social media content creation process with the best social media production company and grow your business now!

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What your brand can expect and achieve?


86% of marketers say video has helped them generate leads - Hubspot


81% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales - Optin monster


87% of marketers say video has helped them general good ROI - Wyzowl


54% of consumers want to see more video content from a brand or business they support - Animoto

How our Social Media Content Creation Services Different

(Our USPs )

2 Lakh+
content creators are on board with us

We are powered by Grynow, the leading influencer marketing company in India and hence along with more than 5 years of relevant experience, 2 lakh+ content creators are on board with us to create the content for you. See More

5 years of influencer marketing and content creation experience

With 5 years plus of dedicated experience, we understand the social media better! - the algorithms, the tricks, and the strategy of each platform. We help you choose and focus on the platform that would prove to be most relevant to your goal and provide you with the best suited creators. Hence, we are different and unique in terms of video content production for social media. See More

Researched based
social media content creation strategy

Our experts rely heavily on data and analytics to map out the video content creation strategy. With the help of carefully planned A/B testing, experimentation, sentiment analysis, engagement rates, subject matter expertise, trustworthiness we help you with relevant influencers for your brand! We analyse the trends and ensure that our clients stay ahead of the competition. See More

Personal brand manager for your social media video production

Our brand manager will strategize your social media asset creation for better engaging and educating the audience with fresh videos featuring their favourite social media content creators.

Affordable and
quick delivery

Our super creative and top-notch quality content is pocket friendly as our services starts from as low as Rs 10k per month. Last but not the least, we value the time as one of the most precious assets and hence start delivering your videos within 48 working hours.