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Facebook is one of the OG (original) social media platforms, conceived way back in 2004. However, today the platform has a massive 2.96 billion users that visit Facebook monthly (as of Q3 2022), which makes 37.5% of the entire world’s population! Out of this user base, 70% users visit the platform daily while 49% of them visit it multiple times a day! Thus, Facebook Ads can help you reach this massive pool of users in a targeted way and yield amazing results! Avail our Facebook advertising services today!

Facebook Videos Produce Higher Engagement

No matter what stage of funnel your marketing campaign is currently in, Facebook videos always generate higher engagement, 0.26% as compared to 0.18% to other forms. Businesses can reach their target segment in multiple ways through these videos on the platform including through in-stream, feed, or through stories! As an affordable Facebook Ad Agency, our ad experts help businesses rationalize their needs and curate a tailored influencer featured video for their ad campaign!

Great For B2B As Well As B2B Businesses

Facebook Ad management services has been great for B2C businesses for a long time now, infact Facebook ad revenue grew up by 56% during the year of 2021 alone, reaching a total of grand $28.6 billion! However, given the huge time spent of business decision makers on the platform, which is 74% higher as compared to other users, Facebook is a great platform for B2B businesses as well! Moreover, Facebook allows you to target B2B businesses based on multiple parameters including employer name, job title, employment industry, interest industry, etc.

Target Users in Every Funnel Stage

Facebook is a unique platform in terms of how it allows businesses to bifurcate their target segment into ‘Awareness’ for brand awareness & reach, ‘Consideration’ for traffic, engagement, app installs, etc., and ‘Conversion’ or store visits, catalog sales, etc., stages of the sales funnel. In order to leverage this to its optimal value we ensure to use a range of custom CTA buttons to push the customers down the buying funnel. Hire the services of leading Facebook Ads Agency for Ecommerce to leverage full-funnel targeting with multiple form of engagement!

How Our Facebook Marketing Agency Works

(How it works)

Make Facebook video Ads that are highly effective, targeted, relevant and creative in just 5 EASY STEPS and sky rocket your SALES:-

Step 1

Fill up the contact us form

Fill up the contact form on our website with all the required details including your name, contact number, email address, and website link. And our Facebook Ad experts will contact you within 24 hours.

Step 2

Understanding Brand’s Goals

Once you get on board with us, our Facebook video Ads experts connect with you to understand your business goals , target audience and what you want to achieve through Facebook video Ads.

Step 3

Choosing Influencers and Desiging Strategy

Once we understand your tunnel vision and goals, our Facebook advertising company experts selects relevant influencers from our 2 Lakh+ strong creator network to feature in your video. Our copywriters, script writers and video strategists formulate the Ads (comprising of niche creator) strategy based on your requirements and what will be best for your brand. Our Facebook marketing agency crafts world class advertising strategy for better engagement and stickiness of your viewers. See More

Step 4

Producing Your Facebook Ads Video

The video Ad is created by our Facebook advertising firm’s well experienced professionals including directors, writers, audio & sound technicians, cameraman etc., and professional equipment including studio, editing software, microphones, cameras, green screens, etc. We create personalized Facebook Ads videos tailored to your brand and taste so that the Ad replicates your style and moreover it should look like organic video. See More

Step 5

Delivering Your Video for Facebook Ads

Once we secure the first draft of your video featuring popular content creators, next step is taking into discussions with the brand, ensuring the intent is being satisfied. If not, we make revisions (charges extra) to make sure the Facebook Ad video will target the audience effectively. Your video is delivered and you can run it successfully on Facebook. Hire our facebook marketing company for differentiated services today! See More

Hence, simplify your facebook video ads production process with the video content market leader. Hire the top facebook video Ad making company in India today!

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How our Facebook Advertising Services Different

Access to Top Creators

We boast a strong network of more than 2 lakh+ top social media influencers, content creators, artists, musicians, celebrities of different niches. The unique distinction of social media influencers combined with gripping ad copy writing; we leverage the power of influence of the creators to drive actions on the video ads, and this way, we influence the purchase decision of the customer to buy your product. See More

Creative Strategy

As one of the top Facebook ad agencies, we lay a lot of emphasis on the creative spectrum of a video ad. A sharp design, drawn from color psychology, creates a great segway to capture attention of your audience and provoke them to take action.

Ad Copywriting

Where creative ad design is a winner, a great ad copy is what brings the costumer home! Ad copywriting is how brands connect with their prospects and provoke them to take action through a strong & resonating call to action. Thus, through compelling copy writing and powerful influence of creators, we help brands push down the buying funnel. See More

Why Choose Vidzy as Your Facebook Advertising Agency

Insights Based Ad Campaigns

Being the best Facebook marketing company, we create video ads for your campaigns only after analysing the market and competitors. This allows us to seek best opportunities!

Long Term Growth Plan

Thanks to our Facebook ad experts and influencer marketing experts, we make sure our clients get the best value out of our videos featuring relevant creators to boost their Facebook ads strategy. This way we help our clients stay ahead of the curve which contributes directly to their long-term growth plan. See More

Dedicated Account Managers

At our Facebook advertising agency, we pay dedicated attention to each of our brand by assigning personal account managers to each client. This allows us to keep our clients updated at all times and ensure they get exactly what they wanted from our video ads. See More

Proven Track Records

With 4+ years of experience as Facebook ads management agency and having served over 300 brands successfully, we have expertise in great copywriting and creative videos for your campaigns that scale results! Hire our Facebook advertising today! See More