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Reach Niche Audience

Creators who have very niche content, i.e., more focused around a particular topic, usually have a smaller yet highly engaging audience which often acts like a closely knit community. Thus, through such content creators, brands can reach a highly nurtured audience through top influencer marketing companies in India like us, without spending funds on testing the consumer behavior of an audience and finding the right one.

Drive Purchase Decisions

Influencers spend years building a strong bond with their audience. As a leading influencer marketing service provider, we help brands leverage this credibility to drive purchase decisions and influencer decision making processes of their consumers. Since influencers have built credibility, their audience responds positively to them. As per research by Think with Google, 60% subscribers follow the advice of their favorite YouTubers to make purchase decisions.

Build Winning Partnerships

Being a leading agency for influencer marketing in India, Vidzy not only focuses on the now but also on the future, always looking to carve long-term benefits for brands! Moreover, as the influencer marketing industry in India is growing, it is also evolving rapidly, and Vidzy helps brands to build effective partnerships with influencers to stay on top of market trends.

Leverage The Halo Effect

The Halo Effect, leveraging the positive attributes of an influential figure, technically known as the brand association leverage strategy is the core aspect of a successful influencer marketing strategy. However, many influencer marketing agencies miss the mark when it comes to providing real value to the audience. At Vidzy, each decision is based on the consumer behavior and end goals!

Enriches Content Strategy

It’s very common for brands to get exhausted from fresh ideas for fresh content ideas that are both creative and engaging for their followers on social media channels. This is where influencer produced content can help brads keep up with their schedule and keep their viewers invested! After all, influencers can increase the purchase intent by 5.2 times on Twitter, as per their article.

Suitable For Any Business

At Vidzy, the influencer marketing industry experts have made sure that any business of any size or yearly turnover is able to effectively leverage the benefits of influencer marketing. A small business can collaborate with a micro influencer and gain record high ROI on a significantly relatively lower investment. Similarly, for a large brand, we can create a multi-level spawning influencer marketing campaign to generate high sales.

How our Influencer Marketing Service Works - Our Process

Step 1

Understanding Brand Goals

As a leading influencer marketing agency in India, having a thorough understanding of what a brand wants to achieve through our influencer marketing services allow us to shortlist the right creators to feature in the campaign. Furthermore, this allows us to target the relevant potential customers on the right social media platform for effective execution of the campaign. See More

Step 2

Influencer Campaign Curation & Execution

Based on the goals and influencers selected, our influencer marketing professionals create storytelling strategies to educate and engage the viewers , position your brand superior to its competitors and inspire them for purchase. See More

Step 3

Delivering Success

Our influencer marketing experts leverage the best practices to achieve brands goals like brand reach, brand awareness, gaining more app downloads, conversions, sales, etc. Thus, we measure success based on set KPIs to deliver a generous ROI. See More

Influencer Marketing Strategies for All Platforms

YouTube influencer marketing

Owing to the huge user base of 2 billion users (Source: YouTube blogs), YouTube is a hotspot for influencer marketing activities. As a leading YouTube influencer marketing agency, Vidzy leverages this platform thanks to its diversity of niches, huge number of micro influencers that generate a relatively high engagement, and its massive reach. See More

Twitter influencer marketing

Being a goldmine of valuable customer insights and understanding consumer behavior, the best Influencer marketing company for Twitter in India, helps brands to build an identity for themselves by leveraging this worthwhile information. Tweets allow customers to be vocal, thus, it is an awesome platform to cultivate a community of highly invested consumers for brands. See More

Instagram influencer marketing

When it comes to Instagram, influencers had a huge role in blowing this platform wide upon opportunities for brands. Hire the services of top Instagram influencer marketing company to leverage the best of Instagram influencer marketing strategy, allowing easy tracking of competitors, generating meaningful engagement, and providing huge amounts of user generated content. See More

Snapchat influencer marketing

With less interruptive commercial content on this platform, Snapchat is a beloved social media platform for users as the sponsored content is always seamlessly blended into valuable content allowing for easy consumption. This also makes it ideal for product launches for brands. As a best influencer marketing company for Snapchat in India, it has helped countless brands to leverage Snapchat Influencer Marketing! See More

TikTok influencer marketing

Tik Tok set the explosive trend of small videos and quickly became the 7th most social media platform, easily beating Snapchat and Twitter in the ordeal. Tik Tok creators enjoy a huge influence over their followers, which naturally makes it popular among brands as well as influencer marketing platform. See More

Why Choose Vidzy as your Influencer Marketing Expert?

(Why choose Vidzy?)

Strong Network of Verified Creators

At Vidzy, we have a strong network of 50K+ verified social media influencers from different niches from health & fitness to beauty & lifestyle allowing us to service brands from different industries. See More

Effective Content Strategy

With a strong team of creative and content strategists on board, Vidzy is adept at creating effective content strategy for a successful influencer marketing campaign of utmost quality. See More

Dedicated Team of Experts

For each brand that chooses our influencer marketing services, a dedicated team of experts is assigned to them in order to provide them end to end solutions for their goals and ensure a smooth collaboration. See More

Years of Industry Experience

Our team of visionary marketers consists of IIT and IIM alumni who have 7+ years of experience working with Youtubers and Instagrammars as well as extensive expertise with these platforms’ algorithms. See More

80+ Satisfied Customers

Being the best influencer marketing company, Vidzy has worked with over 80 brands so far and executed flawless and successful influencer campaigns for them on various platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tik Tok, etc. See More

Customized Strategy for Brands

For each brand, our team of experts analyses their goals and channels of promotion to come up with a fully customized strategy, completely tailored according to their specific needs. See More

Data Driven Approach

At Vidzy, we believe in utilizing a strictly data driven approach when it comes to designing influencer campaigns and setting KPIs to measure success. This results in result-oriented decisions. See More

Influencer Relation Management

Being the best influencer marketing service provider in India, we believe in creating long lasting relations between brands and the content creators they collaborate with. This always results in a win – win partnerships. See More

Influencer Marketing Services by Vidzy

Sponsored Content

The most basic and popular form of influencer marketing campaigns is sponsored content in terms of static posts, videos, or even blogs! As part of such campaigns, our influencer marketing companies allow brands and content creators to collaborate to create content for the brands influencer marketing strategy to leverage their following on their social media channels. See More

Contests & Giveaways

When it comes to promoting a new brand, we usually encourage brands to go for hosting engaging contests & giveaways. This helps the brands to create great hype that result in ample brand awareness and organic engagement! Our experts collaborate with the brand and influencers to design a contest that is highly compelling for the target audience and decide on a prize they could not say no to! See More

Social Media Takeovers

A social media takeover is a takeover of a brand’s social media channels by a relevant content creator, allowing them to create content, planned or live, in order to promote the brand and their products & services. This results in enhanced exposure for the brand. This can last from a couple of days to a week or two. See More

Unboxing & Reviews

Considered as a great way to effectively influence purchase decisions of their target audience, unboxing & review content is very popular among brands. After all, more than 50% of purchase decisions are influenced by Facebook posts, Source: tinuiti. According to ION, moreover, almost 50% of users depend on influencer recommendations in order to make informed decisions regarding a purchase. See More

Affiliate Marketing

Quickly becoming one of the most popular influencer marketing campaigns, Affiliate Marketing allows brands, regardless of their size, the freedom to work with as many influencers as they desire. This is possible because brands only have to pay the influencers, if and only if they make a sale. Our influencer marketing experts track these sales through a unique link provided to the influencer. See More

Product Placement

Product placement refers to strategically placing a brand's products, services, or logo in an influencer's content to subconsciously create a connection with their audience. This results in creating a positive effect of the brand through leveraging the halo effect, thus, giving it an upper hand over traditional marketing. Being the top company for influencer marketing in India, we thoroughly analyze the demographic and interests of the target audience to find the most effective manner for product placement. See More

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, influencer marketing has been proven to be supremely effective for businesses of all kinds and sizes. Owing to the authority and authenticity of creators, brands have been able to achieve goals like 10x more brand awareness and higher ROI.

Celebrity endorsements are based on a celebrity figure promoting a brand. They do have a considerably higher reach when compared to influencers, however, this reach is much less effective and targeted. On the other hand, influencers have a small community but are highly engaging.

Although they do utilize the same channels, the success of influencer marketing is dependent on creating an effective content strategy and a creator’s brand value. On the other hand, digital marketing leverages the algorithm of search engines and social media platforms.

The cost of influencer marketing campaigns varies on the basis of a number of factors such as labor costs, influencer compensations through cash or kind, extra digital spend to promote the campaign, and miscellaneous spends. However, the return on investment is always impressive.

Yes, all businesses can leverage influencer marketing regardless of their size. Many big brands invest in influencer marketing to keep up their brand awareness. However, small brands and SMEs leverage it because it is highly cost effective and guarantees high returns!

The first would be to understand your goals, the timeline in which you would like to achieve them, and consequently, anticipate how much you are willing to spend on an influencer marketing campaign. Next step would be choosing relevant influencers to collaborate with and create an effective content strategy. Of course, you can always directly consult with an influencer marketing agency.

Yes, an influencer marketing campaign can definitely be integrated in a larger campaign, digital or influencer. Vice versa also stands true! At Vidzy, our team of experts go above & beyond to fulfill the needs of brands.

The results of any influencer marketing campaign executed by Vidzy are measured by predetermined key performance indicators (KPIs) which we set after understanding the goals of brands. This allows for relevant and accurate measures of effectiveness of a campaign.