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“Video is the best way for marketing and branding as it involves visuals and audio. The brand’s target audiences grasp the features and benefits better as they use two sense organs – eyes & ears. This way brands can impact more than images/texts!

Unleash the true potential of video marketing with us.”

Founder & CEO, Vidzy Washib Khan

Vidzy is India’s first data driven short video production and distribution company that utilize the power and brand value of social media influencers, artists, creators in creating videos for brand’s social media, websites, reviews, product explainer, testimonials and more!

Our Exciting Journey

August 2022

Brainstorm & Market Research for vidzy

November 2022

Launched our Website and worked with our first 10+ Brands

March 2023

Started building a Tech product and working with 80+ brands

August 2024

We aim to deliver 1 Lakh+ Videos per month for top brands

Our Vision

Vidzy aims to become a global one stop solution for our client’s video needs; whether it is for social media organic videos, product demos/explainer videos, videos on websites, reviews, testimonials, Ads or more.

Our Mission

Vidzy aims to help brands that can help them in:-
Improvising sales funnel, Buying decision of their target audience, Return on Ad spend, Sales, Building a Digital community, A social clout We strive to transform their growth by using videos by:- aware, educate, engage and entertain their audience.

Marketing Head Naved Ur Rehman

Our Values





Data Driven

Result Oriented

Creative Head Ravi Prakash

Delivering Creativity and Innovation

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Why Choose Us?

8 years+ experience in
influencer marketing & content creation

2 lakh+ Content
creators onboard

Personal brand managers
for effective execution

Experience team of
video strategists

BD Head Ankush Royal

Meet the Vidzy Team

Washib Khan

Founder & CEO

8 years of experience in influencer marketing and video production

Naved Ur Rehman

Marketing Head

Transformational leader in formulating and executing business growth strategies

Ankush Royal

Business Development Head

Experienced in leading team towards Business Development

Ravi Prakash

Creative Head

Experienced in handling the designers & editors team for all the creative needs

Siddharth Shukla

Growth Head

Experienced growth head with over seven years of experience in the field


Content Head

Skilled wordsmith, seasoned content strategist and astute storyteller, holding dominating experience of 4 years.


SEO Head

Experienced SEO specialist driving online success through strategic optimization.

Mukul Saini

Graphic Designer

Ever-fascinated, thoughtful, and ingenious Graphics designer. Have dedicated 3 years for his Passion.

Naman Khanna

Graphic Designer

With more than 6 years of filmmaking magic & a flair for graphic design, Naman crafts captivating visuals that speak louder than words.

Arshad Khan

Frontend Developer

Crafting the digital future, Arshad blends two years of innovative coding expertise with a passion for sleek, user-friendly designs.

Mili Lakhmani

Content Strategist

An expert in crafting and managing engaging content across various platforms, aligning it with the audience's needs.

Misley Zehra

Linkedin Specialist

A LinkedIn Influencer who's an expert in B2B Marketing for some of the major SaaS, Fintech and EdTech brands. Leading with insights, connecting with impact!

Aprajita Biswas

HR Manager

Focuses on fostering a positive workplace culture, efficiently managing talent acquisition, training, and employee relations to ensure a motivated and high-performing team.


Operations Manager

Skillfully streamlines processes and resources to boost efficiency and maintain high operational standards.

Khushi Gupta

Brand Manager

Expertise in client management, driving brand awareness, and managing cross-functional teams to achieve cohesive and impactful brand messaging.

Shivangi Katra

Brand Manager

Expertise in strategically steering brand management, right from client servicing initiatives to successful campaigns, skillfully blending innovative marketing with data-driven insights to magnify brand growth.

Khushi Rao

Content Marketer

A creative force who merges extensive experience in Writing, Marketing, & Digital Media, steering brand growth & project success with strategic innovation.

Ashish Mishra

Content Marketer

Curious, Unconventional, and Fun loving content marketer. Ever lost in ideas and in free time he can be found doing, "Absolutely Nothing".

Sanjay Kumar

SEO Executive

With a fervent passion for driving digital presence, stands at the forefront of the ever-evolving realm of search engine optimization.