Video Marketing for Fashion Brands - Effective Strategies for 2024

  • Posted On : 09-11-2023
Video Marketing for Fashion Brands - Effective Strategies for 2024

Indian fashion powerhouses like Sabyasachi Mukherjee and Manish Malhotra have harnessed the captivating allure of video to showcase their exquisite couture collections. More than just a promotion, the fashion videos took viewers into the heart of India's textile traditions in the form of visual journeys. This exemplifies how fahion video content represents a renaissance in the fashion’s world, a visual transformation of the industry.

Fashion, the perpetual chameleon of style, is the paramount kingdom of shopping and now more specific online shopping, where trends swirl and elegance awakens. In this vibrant landscape, brands stride forth, driven by an unwavering commitment to deliver excellence to their digital clientele, all made achievable through the enchantment of fashion brands video marketing.

Fashion Brands create video content to showcase their designs which can resound with domestic and international audiences as they merge contemporary aesthetics with classic craftsmanship.

Creating a global bond for fashion enthusiasts can only be created through visual footage, as video content for fashion brands unboxes the ability to convey the essence of India's fashion heritage, fulfill the gap between tradition and innovation, and establish a lasting connection with fashion enthusiasts worldwide. As a result, Indian fashion brands, with sales, are also successful in generating a deeper appreciation for the artistry and culture they represent.

In this day and age, fashion brand video marketing is a modern and widely embraced advertising approach that facilitates seamless audience engagement through video content shared across various social media platforms, individual web pages, or websites. Various fashion brands in India, like Max Fashion, AJIO Fashion, Van Heusen, Manyavar, Jockey India, etc., updated many Fashion product-related videos, which got more than 221.21 million views (reported by Statista).

No matter if you are a big clothing line house or an individual fashion designer, you want to make promotional activities like video marketing a medium for your brand's success. It provides an exceptional chance to build rapport with your target market, illustrate your product’s worth, and earn their confidence and loyalty. Various finest video production companies provide video services in this context. Our video production agency, with a successful journey of 6+ years, has benefited many famous brands like Puma, Nobero, Amazon, etc. in their video marketing journey.

Let’s do a comprehensive exploration of the importance of video marketing and the strategies for its effectiveness is essential.

Style in Motion: The Need for Video Marketing Strategies for Fashion Brands:

Visual Storytelling Takes Center Stage:

Fashion is about aesthetics, emotions, and narratives. And what better way to convey all of this than through videos? Herein, fashion video campaigns and visual content for fashion brands are significant as they express brand stories and go beyond product displays to encapsulate the essence of their collections.

Elevating Brand Identity through Fashion Video:

Fashion is, at its core, a visual art form where every brand competes to establish its uniqueness and identity through style. Fashion video marketing initiatives are indispensable to attain this goal in the competitive marketplace. Fashion brands can share their ethos, values, and design philosophy, promoting authenticity and trust through visual clips. In this fashionable generation, customers demand meaningful connections, storytelling through video helps fashion brands shine brighter.

Product Showcase with Educational Value:

Fashion consumers are interested in the product and want to know the story behind it. Video marketing strategies in fashion industry create a perfect avenue where brands can share glimpses of their products with consumers while providing education. The clips display how a garment moves, fits, and complements different styles. This educational aspect empowers customers, helping them make informed choices and reducing the likelihood of returns.

Social Media Dominance and Shareability:

Fashion brands strut the catwalk of social media sites, with video content taking the lead. Fashion brands need to have a strong video presence on Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat to prioritize video. Engaging fashion video campaigns attract attention, increase engagement, and encourage sharing. Plus improves brand visibility and draws new customers. Digital marketing's value for fashion segments is demonstrated by the fashion video campaign run by Raymond. The brand targeted the young demographic, who were interested in tailoring, suiting clothing, etc., through Facebook lead video ads to increase sales of their selected stores in Rajasthan and Gurugram. These high-quality videos were engaging and effortlessly reached the target audience; as a result, Raymond's in-store sales rate was 78%, while website traffic increased by 58%.

Conversion Optimization:

Fashion Brand Video Marketing is beyond aesthetics, it's about uplifting the bottom line. When the audience understands the product and its benefits, they convert from viewers to customers. Strategic calls to action in videos can further drive sales.

Enhanced SEO and Discoverability:

It becomes easier for fashion brands to improve their online visibility by optimizing videos with relevant keywords. One of the most significant aspects of digital marketing is search engine optimization (SEO), which video content helps improve.

Reduced Returns through Informed Purchases:

One of the most tangible benefits of video marketing in fashion is the potential to reduce product returns. Videos give a deeper understanding of product features, fit, and quality. They are more likely to make a purchase that satisfies their expectations. It provides greater satisfaction and reduces costly returns.

Types of Fashion Video Advertising for Fashion Businesses Success

Innovative Product Demonstrations:

Video advertising for fashion labels allows for displaying creativity. A fashion show, a behind-the-scenes glimpse, or a product demonstration - the visual footage proves an active platform where the spotlight is placed on products. People get detailed information about details, fit, and movement of garments here. Along with this, uncertainty is reduced, and conversions also increase.

When discussing product demonstrations, the Indian lifestyle fashion brand Bewakoof is a noteworthy example. The brand introduced product videos on YouTube for a Game of Thrones-themed collection with a target audience of repeat customers aged 18 to 34. This creative video idea captured people's attention resulting in the brand earning 9000+ sales from YouTube, receiving 1758 views through conversion

Live Event Coverage:

Fashion brands often depend on fashion video campaigns to generate buzz and excitement around new collections, collaborations, or events. Teaser videos, lookbooks, interviews with designers or influencers, etc., are the prime factors and part of fashion campaigns to build anticipation and engagement. Whereas, live events deliver authentic, real-time glances that provide an engaging way to connect with the audience. Capturing a runway show, a product launch, or a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process creates a sense of immediacy and exclusivity.

Training Videos:

Video content for fashion brands is considered a practical tool for internal training and development above runway shows and promotional campaigns. A professional production house suggests training videos for fashion brands that provide a learning experience, such as helping brands efficiently onboard new employees, educating them on the latest collection releases, etc. It establishes brand values and customer service standards. Trends change in the blink of an eye in the fashion world, where these training videos ensure the brand's workforce is well-equipped with the knowledge they need to deliver a consistent and exceptional customer experience.

Documentary Films:

Documentary-style videos are a window into the inner workings of fashion brands. Brands can depict its history, the artistic journey of its designers, and the craftsmanship behind every creation. Sabyasachi Mukherjee's "The Sabyasachi Red Label", Lakmé Fashion Week's "Behind the Seams", FabIndia's "Artisans of FabIndia", Tarun Tahiliani - "Every Collection Has a Story", Ritu Kumar's "The Language of Fashion", etc. These are great examples of documentary videos that celebrate the fashion festival and share the rich cultural heritage, creativity, and craftsmanship.

Animated Explainer Videos:

Fashion brands can achieve global outreach by incorporating video marketing in fashion industry. For instance, a 2D animation video with minimal language is highly adaptable to different cultures, as seen in the case of Levi's global ad campaigns. A 2D animated short film presented a virtual tour of Levi's, where the fashion collection and each item's features and design were highlighted. Also, fashion brands can use 3D animation to showcase intricate details in clothing, like the texture of fabric or the flow of a dress. Animated videos can be used across various digital platforms, such as websites, social media, and e-commerce apps. Brands like Zara have used 3D animations to create interactive online shopping experiences.

Examples for Fashion Brands Video Marketing

Case Study: 1

Fashion Brand: Ritu Kumar


Ritu Kumar is an Indian fashion designer who has designed costumes for many Bollywood celebrities and movies. The brand enjoys a strong reputation for its craftsmanship, artistry, and timeless designs with a legacy spanning over five decades.


Broadening brand outreach and enhancing sales.

Video Marketing Strategy of Ritu Kumar:

They adopted a multi-pronged video marketing strategy:

Fashion Show Live Streaming:

Ritu Kumar started live-streaming her fashion shows so the videos could reach a global audience. Viewers could experience the excitement of the runway in real time. These clips created buzz and anticipation for new collections.

Behind-the-Scenes Videos:

The brand allowed an understanding of the intricacies of the design process, craftsmanship, etc., through behind-the-scenes videos. These videos detailed a garment's journey from idea to finished product with engaging storytelling, and customers got an inside look into the brand's world of creativity.

Customer Testimonials:

Ritu Kumar captured the positive experiences of satisfied customers and featured them in Customer Testimonials videos. Elements, like high-quality videos, nice background sounds, and customers' clear body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, etc., attracted viewers' attention. It built trust and credibility among potential buyers.

Interactive Q&A Sessions:

The brand hosted live Q&A sessions on social media platforms where the designer herself answered questions from viewers. This direct engagement further strengthened brands' connection with their audience.


Ritu Kumar's brand achieved impressive results through this effective video marketing.

Wider Audience Reach:

Live-streamed fashion shows reached audiences beyond India. It captured the attention of international clientele and improved brand visibility globally.

Engagement and Shareability:

Behind-the-scenes videos and customer testimonials received high engagement rates and were frequently shared on social media platforms.

Increased Conversions:

Interactive Q&A sessions and product-focused videos drove traffic to the brand's website. Due to this, there was a surge in conversions and online sales.

Brand Trust:

The transparency and authenticity conveyed through video marketing helped build trust and establish Ritu Kumar as a trusted brand in the fashion industry.

Case Study: 2

Brand: Nobero


As a direct-to-consumer (D2C) Athleisure label, Nobero caters to today's modern youth. Nobero creates modern, minimalist goods that improve both style and utility.


Improving ads efficiency and return on ads spent for new products.

Video Marketing Strategy of Nobero:

Nobero partnered with video production company Vidzy and carried out effective video marketing for fashion brands. They followed the following strategies:

UGC Video Ads:

The video agency created 50+ high-quality UGC video ads for instagram and presented product demonstrations. These videos featured products, experiences, or testimonials, which strengthened the brand's understanding.

Influencer-Based Creation:

The brand partners with Nish-based content creators to showcase the products. The agency selected the best social media stars in the industry who understood the values and objectives of the brand. It improved the video's authenticity and engagement.

Orient Authenticity:

Both male and female influencers excel at naturally introducing products. Their engaging storytelling, rooted in real-life experiences and crafted a results-oriented script, adds authenticity to the videos, which has proven instrumental in building trust with the audience.

Leveraging Influence:

Because Influencers had dedicated and engaged followers, their recommendations built trust in the UGC content they produced. Nobero's sales rate increased by 83.5%.

Maximize ROI:

Best-quality content videos lead to a 15% ROI increase.

The Bottom Line:

Adopt creativity, uniqueness, and consistency in the content without hesitation. These three qualities are prime in crafting credible and authentic video marketing strategies in fashion. The growing popularity of video marketing as a formidable online promotional tool stems from its capacity to empower customers to assess authenticity and make informed decisions.

As a fashion label, it is imperative to make the most of engaging aspects like video marketing to reach the goal quickly. Start online video marketing today with video production company Vidzy. The agency masters in delivering top-tier video production services, showcasing its exceptional skills and expertise in the field.

Heighten your fashion brand with the magic of video marketing. It's time to showcase your style to the world!